Welcome to Geelong Kites, a very small operation that still has a few kites available, and some bits and pieces, but as of Spring 2016, I’m afraid we are NO LONGER doing Kite Demos and Kite-Surfing lessons.  Still happy to help with local kiting enquiries though, if you need help with something.

Please note we are not a shop!

For local enquiries about kitesurf lessons, and retail kiteboarding equipment, please visit Stonker boards in Torquay.  We do have some discounted items available, and a small range of quality kids kites, but for all other gear related enquiries, kites, stunt kites, etc, we recommend Kitepower.com.au.

Please send Goshen any enquiry about kites via our contact page (or email to “info” at this domain).


Featured products:   

Ozone Octane: From $320

Ozone Octane: From $320

SB Harness

Ozone SB Harness $140

Ozone Landkite Linesets From $70

Build your own kite for next to nothing! Book just $2.