About Us

About Geelong Kites

I’m afraid that not much is left of Geelong kites nowdays.  I’ll write a blog post to give a bit of an update on where we’re at; but it’s likely we’ll keep getting smaller and smaller, as our business in Permaculture gets bigger and bigger!

As far as the website goes, we’ve still got a few things for sale; still at some great prices!  However if it’s a good range of kites, or the latest and greatest; you’d best try the big stores, who can provide the range of gear, parts and service that is required, and especially those who also have a retail shop you can call into.

About Goshen

100_2487Goshen Watts is the owner and manager of Geelong Kites, and previously Kitepower Geelong (now closed) for almost 15 years (since 1998).  He kitesurfs (IKO Level 2 instructor), but probably best known for his landboarding exploits, at Eastern Park & ‘Dogrocks’.

A small video below (don’t full-screen!), some more recent (and higher res) clips on the Video page.

Goshen also helped keep the Geelong Kite Club running until it disbanded in 2011, and over the years helped organise and promote dozens of kitebuggy races and other kiting events around Vic.



The Past

Because we find it hard to let go of the past; here is a bit of history on the evolution of Kitepower / Geelong Kites, and where we are today.

geelong_outside_06The shop “Kite Power” first opened on LaTrobe Tce in 1993.  Over the next two decades, the Kitepower brand has grown strongly, and now has large stores in Sydney and Brisbane, and has grown into one of (if not THE) largest kite shops in Australia.

The store was started by Julie & Steve, who moved north to Sydney around 1998, and now own and run Kitepower Australia in Sydney (and the online store).  Faced with closure, Goshen Watts decided to take over the business at only 21 years of age, no business experience and little kite experience – there wasn’t even anything known as Kiteboarding yet.

After almost running the business into the ground in those early years, the Geelong business grew steadily and moved up the road to 386 LaTrobe Tce.  The early days learning to Kiteboard (on very ineffective gear) meant landboarding was a more attractive option most of the time, and it developed into a passion.

However, after more than 14 years running the kite-store, with a young family at home, and other interests that were taking priority over kiting (including starting a small permaculture business), it was time to move on.  You can read some thoughts about it on this blog post.

Unfortunately a buyer (or anyone for that matter) wasn’t forthcoming, so the decision was made to close the business.  It was renamed to Geelong Kites so as to not confuse with the other Kitepower stores, which were still going strong.

So what of today?  It seems a real shame to just let go of all that kiting experience and fantastic gear, so Geelong Kites is still here, just in a much smaller capacity.  Between 2013 and 2016, Goshen still ran kite-surfing lessons and a few demos, however in later 2016; it was decided to also discontinue this aspect of the business.