End of an era in Victorian kiting?

Old shop

“Closing Down”.
After 15 years in the business, do you have any idea how much it hurts to write those words? And yet… there’s a sense of relief, a kind of euphoria about what comes next. This isn’t a sob story about how the market is weak, and how kiters aren’t supporting local shops anymore.  It’d be easy if we had just gone broke – you simply walk out the door, and leave the scraps to the creditors.  But we’ve been doing just fine, thanks!

However, the writing’s been on the wall for a while – I am the one who has lost the passion for running a kite business. It’s still a huge load of fun (and kiting is often relaxing, too), but just not the thrill it once was.

For me, something unexplainable happened a few years ago, that despite my best efforts, has slowly eroded away the motivation to deal with all the stuff you need to deal with when running a small retail shop. It’s not about getting out of bed in the morning, but you know something’s wrong when you’re rather be at home in the garden than at a kiting event or demo day!

I thought surely there would be someone else who wanted to ‘live the good life’… Take on a great little low-cost business… Be one’s own boss and all that.  But kiting is a pretty niche sport.  Maybe there’s not enough money in it.  Whatever the case, there just wasn’t anyone willing to take the risk…

I’ve often said that not having the business anymore will allow me more time to actually go kiting, and maybe it will….  But for now, spending time at home with the family, learning and practicing permaculture, and generally contributing to a sustainable future will be the focus of my immediate life.  Running Kitepower Geelong for the last 15 years has been a wonderful experience I’ll never regret, and has enabled me to be where I am now.

I want to thank the whole Kitepower team, and anyone who’s ever been a customer of Geelong Kites / Kitepower Geelong.  Happy kiting to you all.

Goshen Watts
January 2013