Some of these questions are also addressed on the ‘About Us‘ page, but are provided here for quick reference.

The Sale – How long will it last?
All the online sale items will continue until sold out. However stocks on most items are limited! Some newer stock items are not on sale; but we have kept prices as low as possible, while still providing the service expected.

Is GST included in the price?
Geelong Kites is no longer registered for GST. Our ABN is still active (57223816511), but due to our low volumes, we are no longer required to charge GST on our products, so a little extra savings for you.

How much is postage?
We use Australia Post, and the minimum parcel cost is around $8.  Obviously we keep the cost as low as possible – if the postage amount seems too high for where you live, please contact us and we’ll check for the lowest price.  We ship any items over $200 for free!

Why did Kitepower Geelong close down?
It was a hard decision, and I had tried hard to find another buyer, or anyone willing to take over the store. But Alas, as with many kite-stores previous to mine, there comes a time when one must move on regardless.

Are you still going to be selling kites online or doing lessons?
We are not doing any custom orders, apart from a few things left on our site, and as of Aug 2016, we are no longer doing any kiteboarding lessons, or  single-line kite demos and displays.

What about Warranties & After Sales Support?
We have always tried to maintain excellent customer service, and support for any problems you might have about our products, or kites in general. This will not change. We will still provide full Australian warranties and support – even for items sold at sale prices.

What about gift vouchers / lesson vouchers?
We are no longer issuing any vouchers.

What forms of payment can I use? Is this a secure site?
We now only use PayPal (credit card or your PayPal account), or Direct Deposit (contact us).  If ordering online, you’ll be on PayPal’s fully secure (SSL) page for the whole payment process, if you’re at all unsure, just pick up the phone and give us a call (see the Contact page).

What is your Privacy Policy?
Currently we only receive information from PayPal relative to your online order with us, and are not collecting any information from customers for any other purpose.  We don’t have a mailing list, so you won’t receive any promo material from us or anyone related to us.  How refreshing is that!

What’s your Facebook Page?
We deleted it.