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MBS Ride GuideMBS Ride Guide [SOLD]

Mountainboarding is pretty easy to get the hang of – but a few pointers never hurt anyone. This DVD is a revamped version of the original MBS Ride Guide video from way back when. Starring Jason Lee – the grandfather of mountainboarding, it contains everything you need to make your first turns and much more.

There is also a bonus section covering essential board maintenance!
Running time – 30 minutes

Price $7.50
(Originally $29.00)

ScralpdownMBS Shralpdown DVD

This video feature some of the top mountainboard riders in the US slaying it at locations across the west. From Onefive media.

Brand new – never opened.

This video features the style of AJ Lawson, Baron Frierson, Brandon Johanns, Nick Hill, Akoni Kama, Evan Carlson, Justin Dersham, Tru Griz, Jon Diurba, Jason Lee, Kody Stewart, Benton Jackson, Leon Robbins, Devin Garland, Devin Fritz, Tyler Mork and Josh Cole.

Price $9.50
(Originally $49.00, approx)

Ozone DVDOzone DVD

The Ozone DVD features more than 90 minutes of the freshest paragliding and kite action available. Shot on location in Norway, the USA, all over Europe and even the south pacific, this DVD will satisfy your cravings on the unflyable days.

Price $15.00
(Originally $35.00)

Entropy DVDEntropy Snowkite DVD

Entropy is a document of the most progressive season in snowkiting so far. Join five of the world’s best riders across the globe as they search for the ultimate snow and wind conditions. Along the way they reinvent snowkiting by taking a new-school approach and pushing the limits of wakestyle manoeuvres.”

Running time: 38 minutes.
Bonus: Trailer, Uncut, Slideshow and Bonus clip
View the trailer on YouTube

Price $15.00
(Originally $49.00)