Wind Wizard

windwizardThe Wind Wizard stunt kite has been the mainstay of Australian made kites for 20 years (probably more), and there’s a reason why it’s been around for so long… It just works.   In fact we’ve done repairs on these kites that are almost that old.  All the fancy looking el-cheapo’s are long since in landfill.

Although not as fancy looking as some sport kites, it flies effortlessly in gusty winds and is one of the best kites to learn on as it doesn’t over-steer or come crashing down unexpectedly.  Easy to do loops and dives, and has a bit of pull too.

  • Size: 130 x 97 cm
  • Construction: Unbreakable fiberglass frame & ripstop nylon sail
  • Lines included: Nylon 80ft x 2
  • Huge windrange – great for strong and gusty winds.
  • Ideal for kids (10 and up) and beginners.


Price: $49.00


NB : Each kite is colourful, but not exactly as pictured.  There are all unisex colours.